1. iOS Apps Beat Android Apps By A Mile

I cherish cell phones and I am an aficionado of both iOS and Android. In any case, there dependably has been one level-headed discussion that starts my mind: which one is better? There is Android fanboy and afterward, there are iPhone fanboys.There is no doubt that both these stages are amazing and both exceed expectations in their own specific manner. Android is adaptable and brings usefulness that an iPhone can’t convey. Be that as it may, iOS is additionally a stage that can defeat Android in their own particular right. I adore them both, and today I need to point what Android telephones can’t do when contrasted with an iOS gadget.

5 Things iPhone Owners Can Do That Android Users Can Only Dream

2. It Is Simple To Use

Android telephones give you heaps of customization choices. While it might be its greatest quality however it is likewise it’s the greatest shortcoming. Android clients can utilize favor launchers to make their telephone look pretty yet a large portion of them are not steady on each telephone. There is no consistency. iOS on the flipside offer consistency as their product are same over every one of their gadgets. This makes their telephone steady and correlatable over each iPhone client.

3. Instant Updates For All

At the point when Apple discharges another iOS refresh, everybody and I mean everybody gets the refresh. From iPhone clients to iPad and iPod clients as well. Apple likes to control each part of their working framework and on account of this total control, they keep up quality and dependability Android clients can just dream of. At the point when Apple discharges a refresh, it doesn’t host to stress over third gathering producers.

They are exceptionally effective with regards to refreshing their gadgets; subsequently, they are the first to address programming glitches or any security vulnerabilities.

Android clients, then again, need to sit tight for cell phone makers to actualize the most recent refresh of Android which can take months and can baffle.

4. iPhones Are More Secure than Android Phones

There is most likely iOS is more secure than Android. In 2015, Mobile Threat Report, Pulse Secure assessed that more than 95% of all malware is really composed for Android gadgets. Android clients can’t move up to the most recent of the working framework because of which it makes them a simple target. Android additionally has more gadgets running their working framework overall which makes them a simple target.

5. Less Ads

Apple gadgets have lesser noisy advertisements in their applications when contrasted with Android applications. This is on account of Apple has an exceptionally stringent process with regards to affirming applications that offer on their application store which settles on them a superior decision on the off chance that you get bothered by advertisements a ton.