Cell phones are quick developing as the most loved device for web perusing for a larger part of us. For the most part, as a result of the solace and comfort, these gadgets remain for. In any case, unless your site is not advanced for cell phones, portable clients can’t encounter the coveted solace while perusing it, further, prompting an expanded ricochet rate. This makes improving your site for portable clients preferably a need than an alternative. In the event that your site is based on the WordPress stage, you can make utilization of a few modules that can help you do likewise. Give us a chance to look at probably the most valuable ones:

AMP Plugin

Slow loading webpages are a major reason that leads mobile users to abandon a website. This is where the AMP plugin comes out as a useful plugin. AMP, that stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source initiative which aims to make websites load instantly on mobile devices. The AMP plugin for WordPress allows website owners to render the same- an optimal performance that mobile users love.

WP Mobile Detector

WP Mobile Detector

Different design themes work effectively for smartphone devices and feature phones. And if a percentage of your targeted mobile users are the ones using feature phones, your website must be optimized for this group of users too. Therefore, your website’s design should be able to adapt to different screen devices. This is where the WP mobile detector plugin comes out as useful. The plugin detects the device from which a website is being accessed and delivers the theme that is fit for a particular device.


WP Mobile Pack

Rendering your website in a look that resembles a native app is another way to deliver a comfortable and quality user experience to your mobile users. By the use of the WP mobile pack plugin, you can do the same and make the app-like version of your website accessible through all major mobile browsers.


WP Mobile Touch Plugin

Do you want a mobile website that the Google search engine deems absolutely fit? If yes, use the WP mobile touch plugin which activates a mobile-friendly version of your website that passes the Google mobile test. In addition to optimizing your website for the mobile search engine, the plugin allows the customization of your website’s mobile theme without altering any code.

Utilizing 4 Plugins That you Can Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

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